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Commission of Science Technology and Industry for National Defense

Institute of China Aerospace Times Electronics Corporation

China Areospace Times Electronic Corporation, Beijing

Beijing Institute of Technology

Science & Technology, State Environmental Protection Administration of China

Logistics Reform and General Administration of Government Offices

Administration of the State Council

Beijing Personal Bureau

South-to-North Water Diversion Project (SNWDP) Commission of the State Council

Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage

People's Education Press, P.R. China

Ye Shengtao Research Association of China

China Overseas Friendship Association Planning and Financial Department of

State Ethnic Affairs Commission of P.R. China

Maritime Safety Administration of P.R. China

General Office of the National Population Family Planning commission of China

Finance Department of China International Talent Development Centre

Transport International Cooperation Service, MOC China

State Administration of Work Safety

TSDI assigned to Urban Transit System Investigation Group

Kailuan (Group) Co., Ltd P.R. China

Nanjing Health Bureau

General Office of Nanjing Municipal Government

Development Planning Commission, Heilongjiang Province

Reeducation Through Labour, Heilongjiang Province

Ningbo Political Conultative Conference

Ningbo Municipal Archives, Ningbo, P.R. China

Government Offices Administration of Fujian Province

Hunan Changsha Mine Safety Training Centre

Guizhou Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's

Political Consultative Conference

Gui Zhou Radio and TV University

Shanghai Daily, Newspaper

The Environmental Department of Qingdao City, Shan Dong Province

Tianjin Materials and Equipment Group Corporation